Symfonie Capital

About us

Symfonie Capital brings together a multinational team of specialists in finance and investment management. Our team includes professionals with a wealth of knowledge derived from careers that have spanned more than twenty years. Our experience includes working at major international banks in corporate finance, portfolio management and investment analysis, in addition to advising and managing startup and early stage companies.

Our firm is named Symfonie because although investment management and corporate finance business deal with money, at the end of the day our business is about people and how people work together, as team, in harmony, in order to achieve a common goal. The Symfonie team, like its musical counterpart, brings together a team of professionals who leverage each others skills and competencies to achieve the common goal of delivering value to our clients.

“The symphony orchestra can achieve something far greater than any of its individual members not because of its size, but because the unique way the musicians and conductor interact with each other. The result is a rich tapestry of sounds, melodies, harmonies, movement, countermovement and rhythm.”

Michael Sonenshine, Founding Partner

Our philosophy

  • At the institutional level finance is cold and impersonal. Too often we read in the newspapers about high profile managers who make decisions that put the interests of the firm or themselves ahead of the interests of their clients. Finance at Symfonie is everything but cold and impersonal. Finance is about people. Each of us understands the direct impact we have on the everyday lives of our clients and on the lives of the people we work with. This awareness leads us to focus not how our work affects our place on the corporate ladder, but how our work affects our clients.
  • Symfonie companies are managed and owned largely by their team members. Our success or failure as a company and as individuals is closely connected with the success or failure of our clients.
  • No musician can achieve and maintain success without a disciplined training and practice routine. Symfonie operates according to this principle. We have a rigorous and disciplined investment and operating process designed to reduce risk and improve our chances of success.
  • Elegance in music is driven not only by the musical composition, but also by how music is played. We apply this principle at Symfonie. We look beyond the plain text and beyond the hard numbers.

Many investors evaluate firms based on financial results from recent periods. Those results, however, reflect the road behind. The road ahead might be quite different. Our job at Symfonie is to help our clients travel the road ahead. Our singular focus is on understanding how the road ahead is likely to be. Serving clients well does not mean providing clients a financial service. Serving clients well means selecting investments that fit clients’ overall financial and lifestyle needs. That’s why we make an extra effort to know our clients and understand not just how we help them, but how we can help them best.

What makes us different

Personal dedication

We are a boutique firm owned and managed by the principals, so each client receives a high level of care and attention from the firm’s management team members.

Long term relations

Clients’ needs are not static. They develop and change over time and with lifestyle changes. Our success comes not from short term gains, but from meet the challenges of the future.

Focus on your best interest

Our fee schedules are designed around a prudent, balance combination of base service level and performance fees. We don’t profit from transaction volumes, brokerage fees or product commissions. We succeed by meeting your needs.

Fair treatment

We adhere to a code of conduct designed to balance and protect the interests of all clients, without regard to whether the client is large or small or what product or service the client receives.

Tailored solutions

Our work begins by understanding each client’s unique financial needs and circumstances. We develop a service plan that addresses those needs. We continually monitor the extent to which our plan remains appropriate.

Proven track record

We bring together a team of highly experienced investment professionals and seasoned business executives to serve best your interest. We have a track record of success, developed during the long span of our careers.

A network of knowledge

Over the span of their careers our principals have developed a wide network of contacts including business leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, economists and public policy makers. We make this resource available to our clients.

Access to innovative products

We provide our clients not only the traditional array of investment alternatives, but also a pallet of innovative investment products that offer the prospect of superior risk adjusted returns.

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